The Toronto Yoga Show 2017

Hello! everyone Yes, the Toronto Yoga Show just finished this last weekend of March 31 to April 2, 2017, at Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Where all the yogis, gurus & other presenters are gathered all together to teach, learn, practice & evolve. I am proud I’m one of the lucky one’s who joined this amazing event. Let me show you some of the activities I joined & explored.

My Husband got me this ticket, it’s a free pass where they had free classes.

The sessions are open to the public and I joined most these classes.

It’s enjoyable to participate this event &  seeing different people regardless with their gender, body type & ages that are so enthusiastic of their artistic awareness. The nicest thing happened to me is meeting new people. I met these two lovely Yogi ladies which it happened to be both of them are yoga teachers.

The one in my right wearing blue jacket is Miss Karen Rose & in my left with the black jacket is Miss Dale Stafford. They are both Yoga Instructor at Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre (MNjcc) these ladies are lovely & professionals, to try their classes you can reach them or make an appointment at JCC community in 750 Spadina Ave. (at Bloor), Toronto Ontario M5S 2J2 or call(416) 924-6211.

Aside from making new friends, I got free giveaways, discount coupons & free samples. Exciting ’cause I admit it’s free! So what did I got?


The tote shopping bag come in a handy right away I used in the event, the colon cleanser by Green Elephant tastes good & this hemp protein smoothie chocolate flavor by Manitoba Harvest is the one I loved the most. Must try it! Well, the results I can’t tell you cause the freebies comes on 1 small sachet but I assured you the taste are great! And here are some giveaway flyers that at least give it a shot to read & acknowledged their product cause kindness pays. Look at these:

Aside from these more Exhibitors, Conference Seminars, Workshops, & Show Floor Experiences. To see a pick of some of the Exhibitors Click Here Please.Thanks! Until then, looking forward to more of this conference & see you at  Metro Convention Again about the 2017 Green Living Show.




The Toronto Yoga Show 2017

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