A green living environment has been an essential part of my life. I grew up in the rural area in the Northern part of the Philippines where natural resources are so abundant. My grandparents on both sides are farmers and loved gardening as well, so as my parents. This set up of life where nature is our living center as I grew up, I realized and considered I was lucky enough to live & experienced the beauty of it. But I have to leave my beautiful town, for the aspect of my education. So, I went to the big city in Manila, it’s the capital of the Philippines. Studied my college there & got my Pharmacy degree. To be honest, I don’t have a freaking idea about what courses or what I wanted to be and so this Pharmacy thing… typical teenage mentality. To shorten the story I graduated after 8 years??!! which is not normal…by the way. But still, I didn’t have any regrets about it..why? Cause these leads me to my passion & discovering on what I wanted to do in life.

Now what?? I know you are boring and don’t care about my story. But this relates to the discovery of how I hooked up into essentials oils.  Yes, it is! It evolved on every experienced, living in the means of the organic process, and the combination of my background education. And by my past intern at the pharmaceutical store, pharmacy hospital and worked at the grocery of organic retailers. It all helps on how I understand the depth and nature of essentials oils.

So, What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils provide us with a fragrant pharmacy full of cures and the enchants for all facets towards our restoration to health & zest into our lives. To understand it in its simplest form, it means ” concentrated plant essences”. Still don’t get it?
Let’s see how it all began.

Historical Origins to Present Day


1. EARLY METHODS of extracting fragrances.

  • Steeping plants in water – oils or fatty materials.

2. SECOND & THIRD Century.

  • Extraction – alchemist search ways in which to extract the fragrant quintessence, which they though-through to be the ‘spirit’ or ‘soul’ of aromatic plants. So the modern term ESSENTIAL OIL is derived from the word ‘quintessence’.

3. 16th CENTURY

  • Steam distilled


  • Extracted Physical & Chemical – simple maceration to cold compression and steam distillation procedures & solvent extraction processes.


By these different methods of processing the essential oil that obtained in medicinal and aromatic plants, it constitutes a variety of chemical families like alcohols, esters, terpenes, aldehydes,  phenolic, ethers, and ketones. In which,  it has an important resource in the different area of flavor and fragrance, perfumery, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries.


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